What Is It?

This program allows you to create "FORMS" for display on your monitor or for rendering by the POV or VIVID raytracers. A form is a three dimensional object built up from a simple set of primitives (sphere, box, torus, ellipse, cone, spacer) and some simple operations that are performed on them (stack, bend, twist, grow etc.).

Although this sounds none too inspiring the FORMs you can create with simple input files can be quite good.

You can also mutate these FORMs and "evolve" (or morph) between two related forms.

This program is not a CAD package, none of the forms produced are intended to represent anything real in any way, they are just supposed to look good.

For those of you who have seen or read TODD and LATHAM's book "Evolutionary Art and Computers" this program is supposed to perform roughly the same function as that set out in that book.




Form is at home in You can also get it from here as http protocol.


This program is FREE, you don't have to register. I would like some feedback though, you could consider this some sort of registration if you like.


Basically don't charge for the program, and respect other peoples copyright. Also ask me before you distribute with a publication.


If you don't have an IBM PC compatible but would still like to run this program on your machine please let me know, I may do a conversion for you, or release the source code.

I am planning on releasing the source code in the next couple of months, after I have "tidied" it up.

Artists who have used FORM

These are just some people whose home pages I have found
Dan Farmer
Dan Farmer is one of the original POV Ray team, and was one of the first people to my knowledge to produce a raytraced form.
Visionaries T-Shirts: Psiberspace Tencycles
Some more here
Form on a tee shirt!
Russ McClay
Math art gallery at transend
More art from Russ McClay at OTIS rmfrm*.jpg


A small gallery of pictures by sue and me. Starfish.flc A 6Mb FLC file (this will probably take at least 30mins to transfer due to intermediate line speed limitations. Other smaller sample animations to arrive soon.

Credits and Thanks

The code for FORM came from many sources, Thanks also go to:
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